Hawke’s Bay retail and online butchers

We started as one Hawke’s Bay farm with a mission: to make organic meat available to as many people as possible. Alongside this mission, we also wanted to encourage other farms to take up Organic Certification. People are becoming aware that organic foods are just better for you because they don’t contain any synthetic additives, growth hormones, GMOs, chemicals, or antibiotics. Simply put, you are what you eat, so it pays to know who grows your food and what it contains.

Over a decade on, we now have a group of Organic Certified farms supplying us with beef, lamb and pork. They work cooperatively to raise the best animals possible by sharing resources and knowledge of organic farming practices. For you, this means you get year round access to the best organic meat Hawke’s Bay has to offer from our retail store. With the move to becoming online butchers, we can now send meat boxes anywhere in the North Island.

What is organic farming?

Essentially, organic farming is a sustainable, low input and natural style of agriculture. Animals are grass-fed and free range, so they live natural, healthy and happy lives. The pasture they graze is a broad mixture of various grasses and legumes which provides a wholesome and diverse diet.

No pasture is ever treated with synthetic herbicides or pesticides. No synthetic chemical fertilizers are used to promote pasture growth. The end result is great food.

When you buy from us, you’re helping to support and cultivate sustainable, organic farming and food production.